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I have organised this event in order to raise awareness primarily (if you are male, check your balls right this second for any growths!) about testicular cancer and also to raise a bit of cash for the Association of International Cancer Research, who carry out sterling work to combat this terrible disease.

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Monday, 2 July 2007

Get the ball rolling.....

As some of you will know, and some of you will not know, I have just fought back against testicular cancer which cheekily tried to spread to my stomach before a few doses of chemotheraphy blasted it into submission.

I have now returned to work and I am determined to do something to raise money for the nurses and consultants who helped me so much at the Clatterbridge Oncology Unit. So, I have the pleasure to announce "The OneBall Rally!"

This is going to be an epic two-week trip from Preston to Baku, in Azerbaijan which is the furthest straight drive through Europe you can get. It is going to be brilliant and will be around the April 2008 period.

There are two options which are now being pursued to achieve this aim:

1) Ask for a car off a sponsor


2) Buy a car for the minimum amount possible which has to get to bloody Baku and also be comedy (i.e no boring old Mercedes).

I'll let you know how that goes but just thought a blog for Team OneBall needed to get started somewhere, somehow......


Paul said...

Dave Cook, I'm with you all the way. I'd like to lend a hand anyway I can, from chilling beer to drinking beer, and everything inbetween. Keep on at the sponsors mate, they're about to crack, I can feel it.

Sooz said...

do it cook! i can offer a weekend in tenerife....or lots of moral support...let me know if you need any car bits, me dad may have some mooching about in the world of a demolition contractors yard!

Tipton said...

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