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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Day 11

We set off from the Bulgarian coast and head for Istanbul knowing this is the last leg of the journey, after over 2,000 miles we were literally on the road to Istanbul! We knew getting past the Turkish border was going to be interesting bearing in mind the Turk's love of paperwork and Betty wasn't exactly in great condition.

We cautiously approached the first checkpoint as the customs officers came out of the building looking in disbelief at the taxi. After being ordered to get out of the taxi and a few tense moments of the border police circulating we realised that they were more interested in posing for photos at the wheel wearing Dave's sunglasses!! We thought we'd made it through but it took another hour to proceed through two more checkpoints after buying additional insurance and visas but we'd made it!!

We weaved out way through the Turkish countryside and arrived in the bright lights of Istanbul and parked up near the famous blue mosque. Through the Salzburg snow, getting jump started in Germany and the nightmare of Romania we've finally done it and reached Istanbul! We had a beer in the hostel and stared at eachother in disbelief at the journey we've had. Thank you for all your support and now it's time to try and beat the meter reading...

Mileage: 2,667
Meter Cost: £5,334


Graham D said...

Well done Dave and the gang for getting to the end of what seems to have been a fantastic adventure!!
will see you when you get back to some proper work!!
Graham D.

Jack said...

Fantastic effort lads - well done!!!!! Everyone here at AICR sends their best wishes and we'll be sure to shout it from the rooftops until you beat that meter reading.


Jack @ AICR