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I have organised this event in order to raise awareness primarily (if you are male, check your balls right this second for any growths!) about testicular cancer and also to raise a bit of cash for the Association of International Cancer Research, who carry out sterling work to combat this terrible disease.

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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Day 10

We continue to change drivers and each get a bit of sleep, we haven't seen many cars or lorries on our journey and we start to wonder how many British cars have made this journey and we assume we are certainly the first to do it in a London cab with the bonnet held down by gaffer tape!!

We finally find a petrol station to fill up but there are groups of stray dogs following the taxi, we wonder if we'll ever get out of this country and pray that we don't brake down. Luckily we reach motorway and the roads improve, we navigate through Bucharest centre at around 6 in the morning and finally reach the Bulgarian border at half ten in the morning having set off from Budapest 24 hrs earlier!!

The border is much less busy and we have no trouble getting in - unbelievable considering Betty is now held together by string and gaffer tape!

We drive down the Bulgarian coast (realising on the way that noding your head means no and shaking it means yes!!) and reach Burgas in the afternoon. What a drive! Tanya who works at the hostel gets us some soup and omelette to eat and listens to how we set off from Hungary 30 hours ago and didn't stop in Romania! The worst part of the journey is over and it's next stop Istanbul!!

Mileage: 2,416
Meter Cost: £4,842


Graham said...

Keep going boys, nearly there. You've done us proud, and such adventures too. Best wishes to you all and stay safe. Regards

Jack said...

Well at least you will remember the journey guys - nothing like a little adventure to spice things up! Take care on the dodgy roads and watch out for Dick Turpin ;)

All the best from everyone at AICR.

Jack @ AICR

Mark A said...

"Are you nearly there yet?" Sounds like it's been emotional... Looks like the bonnet safety catch had a use after all then... although it appears you've used some top quality engineering to hold things together! Just like our planes:

Keep going boys, not long to go!