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I have organised this event in order to raise awareness primarily (if you are male, check your balls right this second for any growths!) about testicular cancer and also to raise a bit of cash for the Association of International Cancer Research, who carry out sterling work to combat this terrible disease.

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Saturday, 22 March 2008

Day 1

Yesterday saw the official launch of The One Ball Rally in a blaze of press and TV coverage!

We were lucky enough to have been given a send off by Big D babe Malene who brought Ormskirk to a standstill. Granda TV covered the event in their evening bulletin and thanks to everyone who turned up and donated - we raised over £230!

After saying our goodbyes we hit the road and headed to Clatterbridge Oncology hospital (where Dave got his Cancer treatment) to have a brew and a chat with the nurses, then it was on to London Town, with a couple of stops for a kick-about on the way. As soon as we checked into our hostel (thanks to Hostelworld!) Dave went live on air in a Radio City telephone interview, unfortunately he hadn't charged his battery and the interview ended abruptly after 2 minutes! After finally locating his charger, the interview continued.

We then had a bit of time to sample the bar downstairs, and beating the Yanks at a couple of games of table foosball, before hitting the sack.

We will be uploading photos and videos along the way, so keep checking back for more news.

Miles covered: 258

Meter cost: £516


Becky Roberts said...

Hi Dave and Martin,
It was great to meet you both on Thursday. How was Friday? Did it go ok?

Let me know how things are - keep me up to date with everything.

Take care and good luck.


Anonymous said...

258 miles?
That's not many,is pilky weighing u down the fat mother licker? Chuck him out, feed him to the french, at least it'll give them a break from Horse meat.

Good luck Boys