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Friday, 28 March 2008

Day 7

Set off early and out of Salzburg, following the road past Vienna to Budapest. The laptop was playing up, so we only had sat-nav to the Austrian border. We drove out of the snow after about 50km which made the going much easier. Dave managed to misplace his mobile phone somewhere in the hostel, which was only realised as we approached the Hungarian border. To top the day off we were pulled over by the Austrian police as we were missing a motorway permit for that section of Austria, and were promptly fined 120 euros.

We soldiered on through the Hungarian border (buying a permit on the way!) getting increasingly funny looks. We crossed the Danube and drove along side it for a while before hitting the lights of Budapest.

As we drove over the main bridge over the river we were impressed by the vibrancy and architecture of the city. Using the good old paper map, we found our way via a scenic route to the hostel and checked in for the night. We popped out to get some Florints and some food before hitting the hay.

Mileage 1527
Meter cost £3,054

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